“Thanks again, loved the wee men 🙂 Cheers"Fish
“Thank you to Musical Brick for this special little version of me."Jerry Marotta
“I'm a lot taller than Steve Hogarth though 🙂 "Fish
“Thank you Dan. Best Regards"Steve Hogarth
“I love this! Warm wishes,”Peter Gabriel
“I really enjoyed the Lego ‘me’ and the Lego Lamb. All the best"Steve Hackett
“Many thanks for this incomparable mini-brick! Best,”Bill Bruford
"I can retire happy knowing I have been immortalised in Lego"Robert Mead
To Daniel, Nice One!Phil Collins

All Lego pieces are new and unused. Items are assembled and packaged ready to use. Products are sent from Singapore via SingPost registered mail. For other delivery options, including an order of many items, please email [email protected]


Peter Gabriel Band Rockpalast 1978

Set Includes:

  • 6 minifigures
  • Lego stand
  • Background picture


*Ikea RIBBA 23×23 Frame not included

Shock the Monkey (Rooms)

Set Includes:

  • Shaman with sticks
  • Man in suit with shaman face and breifcase

USD129.90 (Built to order. Waiting time 12 days)

See more here…


Peter 2010

Peter New Brick USD19.90

Authentic Lego pieces.

Live Aid

Freddie 1985 USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces. With third party printed head and sticker. Includes a custom mic stand.


Freddie 1981 USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces. With third party printed head and sticker. Includes a custom mic stand.

Citizen of Legoland

Torch USD19.90

Authentic Lego pieces. Hat and Pool cue. With third party cocktail glass.

Afraid of Sunlight

Angel USD16.90

Authentic Lego pieces. With third party angel wings.


Jester USD19.90

Authentic Lego pieces. With third party violin, hat and sticker


Anorak USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces. With sticker.

Let Go

Buddha USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces.

The Lego Eater

Authentic Lego pieces. Includes guitar

Raaaaaaaaaaaah USD16.90

Doktor Dyper

Doktor USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces. Includes yellow plastic tube.

Harmony Korine

Authentic Lego pieces.

Judex USD14.90


Beowulf USD16.90

Authentic Lego pieces. Includes custom mask.

Peter 1982

Shock the Monkey USD19.90

Authentic Lego pieces. Custom printed head and torso

Shock the Monkey Vignette USD31.90

Authentic Lego pieces. Includes mini-figure, lamp, chair and desk

13th at the Table

The Uninvited Guest USD16.90

Authentic Lego and third party pieces.

Drummer Boy

Drummer Boy USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces. Includes sticker.


Chester USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces.


Daryl USD14.90

Authentic Lego pieces.

by Mary on Miscellaneous
Lego Miniature Schnauzer
From: USA

Thank you for customizing this after I sent you a picture!!!

by Kathryn on Frame Sets
Lamb Lies Down Stage Set
From: USA

The Lamb stage set is amazing and fun. The mini-figures are so unique, and really capture the spirit of the band. Daniel communicated well and shipped very promptly, getting my order to me in time for a very special Valentine's Day gift. My husband was thrilled. Thanks, Daniel!

by Henry D. on Musical Brick
From: Florida, U.S.

I found the "H Invisible Man" figure online a day after seeing Marillion live in Florida,.

I ordered him immediately! I just now received my purchase...a true treasure, thanks!

I'll be back for Gabriel!

by Jeff on Frame Sets
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Stage Set
From: USA

This is an amazing set! A must have for any Genesis Fan. The mini-figs and the stage set create a cool display. Daniel is so creative and great to work with. I'll definitely be back for more.

by Julie on Frame Sets
Lego Lamb Stage Set
From: USA

A long overdue thank you for getting these to me before the holiday.  My husband was ecstatic when he opened the gift!  The finished result is displayed proudly on the shelf in his office.

by Brett on Mini-Figures
Gabriel Era Genesis Figures
From: USA

The Gabriel era Genesis figures are outstanding - highly detailed, accurate, hilarious, and obviously the product of true fandom and love! They really nail both the coolness and quirks of Gabriel Genesis prog rock. The quality is excellent, and the communication, packaging, and shipping are very professional. Keep it up, Daniel!

by Chris on Mini-Figures
From: UK

Wanted to let you know that my flower mask figure arrived here today. Just superb, brilliant, thank you! More will undoubtedly be ordered in future.

by Lien on Mini-Figures
Peter Gabriel with Genesis Bat-wings
From: USA

This figurine was awesome! My husband opened up the box & was mesmerized. He loves the original Genesis band & this is a definite item to have as a fan - of the band & Legos. I love that the artist got the split in the hairpiece to match Gabriel's hairstyle. Absolutely planning to purchase other pieces!

by Lindsay on Mini-Figures
From: USA

Absolutely love these. I have bought 1 individual Rael, the lawnmower vignette, and have Rainbow Theater on the way. These are adorable and I will continue to buy!

by Ashley Fuller on Musical Brick
Phil Collins mini-figure Live 1982
From: USA

item shipped on time and I love it

by Alex on Frame Sets
Fox on the Rocks Vignette

My step-dad is a huge Genesis fan who shared your works with me, so I got this for him as a gift. He absolutely loves it! Thank you so much!

by Jessica on Mini-Figures
From: USA

Thank you once again!! I get these for my dad. Once every Christmas and once for his birthday. I'll be back again thank you so much!

by Brad on Miscellaneous
Customisable Lego Miniature Schnauzer
From: USA

Really cute Schnauzer! Seller made ours exactly the way we requested. Even the color of her collar. Arrived assembled and in perfect condition. Schnauzer is 2 1/4 inches high by 2 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide (across beard) body is 5/8 of an inch wide. This is a really nice model.

by Kimberley on Miscellaneous
Customisable Lego Miniature Schnauzer
From: Canada

Super cute! Well-Packaged. Great customer service.

by Andreas Böhme on Mini-Figures
Mini Figures
From: Germany

To me this stuff is exactly what (esp the early) Genesis is about...Fantasy and creativity...and by the way very funny...simply awesome!!! I bought a couple diff ones and each one is just keep up the good work!!!

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