1986-1988: Sequential Circuits Prophet 10, Yamaha CP-70M electric grand piano, NED Synclavier (VPK version), E-mu Emulator II+, ARP Quadra,
The Yamaha CP70, as well as its bigger sister the CP80, was a ground breaking instrument. Inside it had the
It has been confirmed by Genesis themselves on BBC Radio 2. (2 hours 10 min into the show)  
This will consist of 3,662 individual elements along with Powered Up functions, making this the largest LEGO Ideas set ever
Here we have created some classic and iconic keyboards and synthesizers. The Minimoog The Minimoog is an analog synthesizer first
For many the Duke tour is one of the best tours from a performance and a set list perspective.  
Michaela Ix has built this wonderful stage for the Steve Brickett Live Band 2019. Includes Rob Townsend's wooden spoon 🙂
Sascha Krieger‎ recorded a version of Domino and Throwing it all Away in a 70s style. Trying to recreate the
 Lego Minimoog Players
Brick Floyd's Dark Side of the Brick
And the Lamb Lies.... I'm losing on the swings I'm losing on the... I'll be the roundabout... Lambs Spotted Playing
Losing Stim from New York have just released their new single 'Dark Afternoon'. This beautiful work of LEGO art
These covers are heavy interpretations of Genesis tracks. Dark Empire - The Knife Dark Empire's cover of The Knife
Sting, Phil Collins and Branford Marsalis performing at Live Aid in front of 72,000 people in Wembley Stadium, London on
Genesis The Black Show 1974 Genesis started their "Selling England by the Pound" tour in September 1973 in Europe ,
In 1993, Jim Jarmusch directed a short black and white film, Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California. Musicians Iggy Pop
Radio Ga Ga Official Video Radio Gaga with Restored Metropolis footage Making Of "Radio Ga Ga" Radio
Giant Handcrafted Wooden Lego Minifigure My father has been working on these for a while and has made a number
Hans Jörg, the drummer of King of Agogik, has modified and expanded the Genesis live 1976 stage to create a
Here is an amazing creation by Brixe63 of Rush’s Moving Pictures. How about Rush in Japan by Wasabi's Artworks
In 1966, feeling restricted by his experiences as an R&B sideman and struggling to earn a living wage, Jimi Hendrix
The EMI Recording Studios in Abbey Road, London is where The Beatles worked with producer George Martin and where the
Lego have teamed up with movies and TV shows, plus have their own line of themed sets, but what about

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