“Thanks again, loved the wee men 🙂 Cheers"Fish
“Thank you to Musical Brick for this special little version of me."Jerry Marotta
“I'm a lot taller than Steve Hogarth though 🙂 "Fish
“Thank you Dan. Best Regards"Steve Hogarth
“I love this! Warm wishes,”Peter Gabriel
“I really enjoyed the Lego ‘me’ and the Lego Lamb. All the best"Steve Hackett
“Many thanks for this incomparable mini-brick! Best,”Bill Bruford
"I can retire happy knowing I have been immortalised in Lego"Robert Mead
To Daniel, Nice One!Phil Collins
"Absolutely wonderful gift from Musical Brick. I’m Lego!"Craig Blundell
"Forget the awards & the signature model guitar - I now exist in lego!!"Jakko M Jakszyk
"This has to be the album cover if a 50th Anniversary live album gets released"Pat Mastelotto
"I bought this for a woman I like. It worked! We’re a couple now."Jimmy McCullough
"I've always wanted to be a Lego!"Adam Holzman
“Suddenly I’ve become cool because there’s a Lego version of me."Steve Hackett

On Friday 22nd August 1969 The Beatles gathered at Tittenhurst Park, the new home of John & Yoko. The photos taken that day turned out to be their last photo shoot together. This mini-set is based on a photograph of John & Yoko standing outside their home.

Not wishing to build a Lego version of Tittenhurst Park, I simplified things by placing John & Yoko on the pavement in Abbey Road. Two weeks earlier, during the photo shoot for the Abbey Road album cover, The Beatles were there so the setting seemed appropriate.

On the back of this mini-set is my version of an avant-garde art piece, or sky window. It uses John’s 1969 Live Peace in Toronto album, which was custom printed onto a Lego tile. It’s a little bit of fun and might have been something that Yoko herself could have created.

John & Yoko’s 1968 Two Virgins album, which John is holding and the Abbey Road street sign were custom printed onto Lego tiles. John’s black open-necked shirt and head were custom designed and printed by Minifigs.me, as were the two albums and street sign.

These models were created by Alan Green.

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