“Thanks again, loved the wee men 🙂 Cheers"Fish
“Thank you to Musical Brick for this special little version of me."Jerry Marotta
“I'm a lot taller than Steve Hogarth though 🙂 "Fish
“Thank you Dan. Best Regards"Steve Hogarth
“I love this! Warm wishes,”Peter Gabriel
“I really enjoyed the Lego ‘me’ and the Lego Lamb. All the best"Steve Hackett
“Many thanks for this incomparable mini-brick! Best,”Bill Bruford
"I can retire happy knowing I have been immortalised in Lego"Robert Mead
To Daniel, Nice One!Phil Collins
"Absolutely wonderful gift from Musical Brick. I’m Lego!"Craig Blundell
"Forget the awards & the signature model guitar - I now exist in lego!!"Jakko M Jakszyk
"This has to be the album cover if a 50th Anniversary live album gets released"Pat Mastelotto
"I bought this for a woman I like. It worked! We’re a couple now."Jimmy McCullough
"I've always wanted to be a Lego!"Adam Holzman
“Suddenly I’ve become cool because there’s a Lego version of me."Steve Hackett

It comes as no surprise that the Lego group will be collaborating with Ikea in the near future. Over the last few years we have been using Ikea products to display our Lego minifigures.

3 Ikea Products to display your Lego Minifigures

Lego and Ikea, two Scandinavian companies, are certainly a popular match for enthusiasts who want to display their LEGO collections! It’s all well and good having little Lego minifigures, but how should you display them? They tend to collect dust very easily if left in the open.

Here we share three popular IKEA products that you can use to showcase our collections:

1. Harliga Glass Dome with Base

Size: 20 cm

The glass dome with base can be used to display your favourite minifigure collections.

2. Ribba Shadow Box

Size: 23 x 23 cm or 50 x 50 cm
Colors: Black or White

Here we can display the minifigures in any configuration.


3. Kasseby Display Box

Size: 30 x 47 x 8 cm
Color: White

This shadowbox frame comes with a depth of 8cm and it has magnetic door mechanism for the front cover.

4. Barkhyttan Display Box

Size: 26.5 x 26.5 x 16.5 cm
Color: Black