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“I really enjoyed the Lego ‘me’ and the Lego Lamb. All the best"Steve Hackett
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Genesis The Black Show 1974

Genesis started their “Selling England by the Pound” tour in September 1973 in Europe , going to USA/Canada at the end of the year and returning to Europe for some more shows from January to mid February 1974. Today these performances are known as the “white shows”.

However, from March to May 1974 Genesis returned once again to USA/Canada and this time they radically changed the stage sets: The famous “hour glass” shaped props were replaced by black curtains, leaving space for two circular projection screens, and all instruments and accessories were painted black. There were also some modifications to the masks and slides. The performance became technically a bit less complex, but the extreme lights allowed for highly dramatic appearances and disappearances of Peter Gabriel, and the show created a very different mood and feeling to the songs.

Genesis The Black Show 1974

Genesis never performed the “black show” in Europe , and there are only few pictures in existence.

From wiv entertainment (article no longer available)


During Supper’s Ready (iii. Ikhnaton and Itsacon) Pharoah’s Hat (aka pharaon’s headpiece) was


Musical Box – The Black Show/Selling England By The Pound – November 2, 2017

A full list of the Black Show 1974 tour dates (from Genesis Movement live recordings database):

01-Mar-1974 Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ USA
02-Mar-1974 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby PA USA
03-Mar-1974 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby PA USA
04-Mar-1974 East Wind Ballroom, Baltimore MD USA
05-Mar-1974 T P Warner Theatre , Washington DC USA
07-Mar-1974 Sports Arena, Fort Wayne IN USA
08-Mar-1974 Fox Theatre, Atlanta GA USA
09-Mar-1974 Gusman Philharmonic Hall, Miami FL USA
12-Mar-1974 Muthers, Nashville TN USA
13-Mar-1974 North Hall, Memphis TN USA
17-Mar-1974 Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin TX USA
20-Mar-1974 Civic Plaza Assembly Hall, Phoenix AZ USA
21-Mar-1974 Civic Reunion Centre, Santa Monica CA USA
22-Mar-1974 Civic Reunion Centre, Santa Monica CA USA
24-Mar-1974 Winterland Arena, San Francisco CA USA
26-Mar-1974 Arena, Seattle WA USA
27-Mar-1974 Garden Auditorium, Vancouver Canada
02-Apr-1974 Philharmonic Hall , New York NY USA
03-Apr-1974 Orpheum Theatre, Davenport IO USA
05-Apr-1974 Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne IN USA
06-Apr-1974 Student Union Auditorium, Toledo OH USA
07-Apr-1974 The Agora, Columbus OH USA
08-Apr-1974 Centre Culturel Grande Salle , Sherbrooke Canada
09-Apr-1974 Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis MN (cancelled) USA
10-Apr-1974 Spectrum, Philadelphia PA USA
11-Apr-1974 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago IL USA
12-Apr-1974 Convention Centre, Indianapolis IN USA
13-Apr-1974 Kiel Theatre, St Louis MO USA
14-Apr-1974 Memorial Hall , Kansas City MO USA
15-Apr-1974 Paladium, New York City , NY USA
16-Apr-1974 Ford Auditorium, Detroit MI USA
17-Apr-1974 McGraw Hall, Evanston IL USA
17-Apr-1974 McGraw Hall, Evanston IL USA
18-Apr-1974 Centre de Congres , Quebec Canada
19-Apr-1974 Civic Centre, Ottawa Canada
20-Apr-1974 University Sports Arena, Montreal Canada
21-Apr-1974 University Sports Arena, Montreal Canada
22-Apr-1974 Auditorium Theatre, Rochester NY USA
24-Apr-1974 Music Hall, Boston MA USA
25-Apr-1974 A G Hall, Allentown PA USA
27-Apr-1974 Century Theatre, Buffalo NY USA
28-Apr-1974 Allen Theatre , Cleveland OH USA
29-Apr-1974 Allen Theatre , Cleveland OH USA
02-May-1974 (Early) Massey Hall, Toronto Canada
02-May-1974 (Late) Massey Hall, Toronto Canada
03-May-1974 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA USA
04-May-1974 Academy of Music , New York NY USA
06-May-1974 Academy of Music , New York NY USA