Chris Martin inducts Peter Gabriel into the Hall of Fame

Coldplay lead singer, Chris Martin, inducted Peter Gabriel into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame   I’d like to read to you from the Book of Genesis. It came to pass at that time, that an angel of the lord descended and appeared before Phil the Collins, and Phil the Collins said unto to him, ‘Who are you, O angel? And the angel replied, ‘I am Gabriel. I bring you this good news. I am going solo. Ye shall…

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Differences between Music Genres

Sentence – I saw a flower.   Acid Rock – In empty fields where nothing grew but weeds I saw a flower, And it turned into a dragon Barbershop Quartet – I saw a flower (I saw a flower) It smelled so fine (It smelled so fine) Calypso – Down Jamaica way, mon, I saw de flower a-growing by de road. Country – I was ridin’ a tractor and I was drinkin’ a beer, but then I saw a purty…

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