Quit Smoking With the Help of Lego

Keep a record of your achievement with Lego! I quit smoking cigarettes (cold-turkey) on 15 November 2011. After a habit of 20 a day and two failed attempts, it was third time lucky! I’ve now been smoke free for over eight years. It was back in 2012 that my interest in Lego started. At that time I decided to start a physical record of my achievements by creating a growing Lego cigarette stick. Each Lego stick would represent one year…

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Lego Queen Live Aid Stage

Recreate the iconic Queen at Live Aid from 1985. This display set features all four band members with their instruments. Instruments include Steinway grand piano, three guitars, bass guitar and drums. Also on the stage are Brian May’s signature amp-wall and guitar pedals. Position Freddie into his classic moves for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘Hammer to Fall’ and ‘We Will Rock You.’ The number one Live event in the history of Rock and Roll now in LEGO bricks! “Is this the real…

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7 Amazing Musical Creations Made Out of LEGO (Guest Post)

LEGO bricks are famous for a reason, mainly, because you can build anything with them. There have been cases of cars and even houses made with LEGO — so it’s no surprise there are musical instruments as well. Many MOCs are just replicas of the real thing, but it comes to no surprise there are people who managed to build full-sized musical instruments. Let’s check some of these MOCs out. 1. Bass guitar 800 bricks, a Carvin neck and an…

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The lighted Lego Stage (Guest Post)

The lighted Genesis ’73 stage by Michael Pellerin (Pellerin Multimedia, Inc. ) I have customised the Live 1973 stage set to include lights! Here are photos of the current version of his stage and the process to complete it: For display purposes, I decided to create a case for the entire stage and ordered a custom 13”W x 8.5”H x 8.5”D acrylic case and used its base as the bottom layer to build on top of, adhering the Lego bricks to it.…

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Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Re-Created Queen’s Entire Live Aid Performance

The cast of Bohemian Rhapsody filmed a straight run-through of the entire Live Aid performance, and it could be released on the movie’s home release. Originally Queen played a six-song set on that day: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Radio Ga Ga’, ‘Hammer to Fall’, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, ‘We Will Rock You’ and closer ‘We Are the Champions’. The movie only played four recreated songs from the live Aid event. Interestingly they performed all six songs so that they could edit…

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