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Bom Bandido (28 Sep 2016) Portugal

Genesis (the band, not the biblical book) in LEGO


“Dan Kerson does amazing reproductions in LEGO of the classic lineup of Genesis from the 70s. (including: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks)”

America Fun Fact of the Day (24 Aug 2016) USA

The Strangest (Unofficial) Lego Sets You Can Actually Buy

watcher v2.0

“Whoever is responsible for this store has spent more time focusing on Peter Gabriel than anyone outside of himself and, possibly, his wife. What we’re basically saying is, if Peter Gabriel ends up murdered someday, you should probably question the dude making tiny versions of Peter Gabriel for a living first before you go onto other suspects.”

Amass (14 May 2016) Japan

Peter Gabriel era Genesis LEGO mini-figure site


Keyboard Mag (1 Mar 2016) USA

Bricked: Lego Versions of Classic Keyboards


“We recently saw on Musical Brick a selection of lovingly assembled Lego versions of classic synthesizers that must be shared with the world!”

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Peter Gabriel (English singer-songwriter, musician and humanitarian activist)

Steven Wilson (English musician and record producer)

Bevlyn Khoo (Singaporean singer-songwriter)

Steve Hackett (English guitarist, musician, songwriter and singer)


Angus MacLane (American film director, animator, screenwriter)

Chris McVeigh (Author, photographer and illustrator)


Armando Gallo (Italian journalist and photographer)

Taylor Hillestad (Professional Graphic Designer)