Welcome to the fusion of Music and Plastic!

The Musical Brick showcases custom Lego mini-figures of early era Genesis and in particular the weird and wonderful costumes of Peter Gabriel. Most of the pieces used are official Lego elements (this guaranties quality). For example the Fox’s head is from a set called ‘LEGO Chima 70111 Swamp Jump’. However some elements, such as the Magog mask, have been custom made.

This project really took off during the end of 2014 when Real World Studios contacted me in regard to the Bat-Wings mini-figure. From this pivotal moment I began to design and prototype the other costumes of this era and create an online platform to show them.


Notes from Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett



Over the last two years it has been wonderful to get in contact with so many amazing people who also enjoy the music of Genesis and Peter Gabriel.

I would like to give special thanks to the following people:

Dan Kerson

To create a Lego representation of Genesis has been extremely enjoyable and fun to design and build. The 70’s era costumes really make the mini-figures very distinctive and unique. For this I have to thank Peter Gabriel for the inspiration.

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